Doug Zipes

Author of The Black Widows & Ripples in Operman’s Pond & Not Just a Game

Having published hundreds of medical papers and books, Doug Zipes has now turned his hand to writing fiction. The Black Widows was published in 2011, Ripples in Opperman’s Pond in 2013 and Not Just a Game hit the shelves in early 2016.



Justice confronts greed as a trial attorney seeks retribution for the murders of his brother-in-law and nephew by a ruthless cop and a company that values profit over life.

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More novels by Doug Zipes

All of Doug Zipes books are available to buy online from Amazon as well as at Barnes & Nobles and iUniverse.

MEDICAL BOOKS by doug zipes

Having graduated from Dartmouth College and Harvard Medical School, both cum laude, Doug Zipes then trained at Duke University Medical Center. He joined Indiana University in 1970, became Professor of Medicine in 1976, Distinguished Professor in 1994 and Director of Cardiology and Krannert Institute 1995 – 2004.

As founding editor of the Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, Cardiology in Review, Contemporary Treatments in Cardiology, Heart Rhythm, and PracticeUpdate/Cardiology, Doug has written several medical books. You’ll often find his medical knowledge and experience weaved into his novels too.

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