Bear’s Promise

Justice confronts greed as a trial attorney seeks retribution for the murders of his brother-in-law and
nephew by a ruthless cop and a company that values profit over life.

Melanie Simpson is desperate when she calls 911 for help controlling her psychotic husband, Jared.

When a dangerous and brutal police lieutenant responds, he shoots Jared with his electric gun, initiating cardiac arrest.

After their son seeks revenge, the police lieutenant kills him as well. A shocked and grieving Melanie asks family for help.

Now it is up to her brother, Jason “Bear” Judge, an ex-FBI agent turned trial attorney, to vindicate Melanie.

After he prosecutes Lieutenant Vincenzo Sparafucile for police brutality and the unscrupulous CEO of the electric gun company for failing to warn that his gun could kill, Bear narrowly escapes multiple attempts on his life.

As the trial begins, Bear’s legal clash with the police and the gun company becomes threatened when his dark history with the FBI surfaces and creates a riveting courtroom drama that culminates in a life-and-death battle between two determined men.

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