Bear's Promise

Justice confronts greed as a trial attorney seeks retribution for the murders of his brother-in-law and nephew by a ruthless cop and a company that values profit over life.
Bears Promise by Doug Zipes

Melanie Simpson is desperate when she calls 911 for help controlling her psychotic husband, Jared.

When a dangerous and brutal police lieutenant responds, he shoots Jared with his electric gun, initiating cardiac arrest.

After their son seeks revenge, the police lieutenant kills him as well. A shocked and grieving Melanie asks family for help.

Now it is up to her brother, Jason “Bear” Judge, an ex-FBI agent turned trial attorney, to vindicate Melanie.

After he prosecutes Lieutenant Vincenzo Sparafucile for police brutality and the unscrupulous CEO of the electric gun company for failing to warn that his gun could kill, Bear narrowly escapes multiple attempts on his life.

As the trial begins, Bear’s legal clash with the police and the gun company becomes threatened when his dark history with the FBI surfaces and creates a riveting courtroom drama that culminates in a life-and-death battle between two determined men.

An energizing legal tale that shows the value of asking the right questions

“What elevates this novel by Zipes is his weaving in such timely topics as police brutality toward minorities and individuals who are unable to afford essential drugs. The author, a Harvard Medical School graduate, is a professor at the Indiana University Medical Center. His career lends authenticity to the medical details that are at the heart of this story. In addition, he has created a well-rounded protagonist in Bear, a skillful interrogator who is determined to do the right thing despite an earlier mistake that continues to haunt him. Other enjoyable characters include Bear’s flawed but loving wife, Kat, and his brilliant associate, Deroshay “Shay” Odinga. The acts of intimidation against Bear’s team by the defendants seem heavy-handed but Zipes makes sure readers know who the villains are.

The smooth narrative just flies along, both in and out of court. What results is a heady blend of legal thriller and social justice drama.”

Kirkus Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

This book pulls you in!

“This book pulls you into the pages and keeps you in suspense all the way through. I was spellbound by the details of this story, starting with the opening series of tragedies that really make you feel like you are there watching it unfold. The details of the characters bring them to life and the story will at times bring you to tears. The author is a physician, so the medical details are so accurate, but so are the legal scenes. I actually enjoyed the courtroom portions the most. The ending has multiple surprises that you will not see coming. A truly enjoyable read that anyone would enjoy.”

Amazon Review

5.0 out of 5 stars

A rare legal thriller that really thrills!

“So-called “legal thrillers” are a dime a dozen and, more often than not, fail to thrill at all. Trust me, this one does! Written by an author who has literally lived the courtroom scenes he so artfully depicts, it’s a real page-turner! So, turn off the t.v., send the kids to a friend’s house, order a pizza, and plan to stay in because you won’t want to put this book down!”

Amazon Review

5.0 out of 5 stars

Zipes does it again – better than ever

“A lawyer with something to hide. A policeman with dirt on his hands. A company that markets a potentially lethal weapon. Zipes marries these elements using his prodigious knowledge of medicine, an impressive knowledge of the law, and his ever advancing skills as an author. The result is a nail biter that keeps the reader guessing and reading. Kudos are warranted for the author.”

Amazon Review

5.0 out of 5 stars

A Nailbiter!!

“Dr Zipes’ fiction books are not dull. I have enjoyed them all. Bear’s Promise was on my mind whether I was reading it or planning to read it later in the day.. The twists and turns of characters and events were very surprising. It was a compelling tale he told , and I shall be waiting for his next book.”

Amazon Review

Preview from Chapter One

“Wahad, code name for ‘the first,’ slipped into the building, past the guard sleeping in front of the bank of four gray elevator doors. Despite the weeks of careful training, Wahad’s heart raced. The first kill was always the toughest. The guard shifted position, his regular breathing briefly suspended, and Wahad tensed. The BW’s instructions did not include killing the guard, but being seen going in or out of the building was not an option. Wahad reached deep into a large pocket of the black unisex army trousers and took out the stainless steel Bard Parker scalpel. The #10 razor-sharp blade was capped but already in place for the surgery later. The guard started to raise his head from the desk, eyes blinking rapidly to adjust to the light. Wahad pounced, one hand grabbing the guard’s hair to pull his head back, and with a quick slash it was all over. Messy but finished.

Wahad unfolded the floor plan and walked quickly to the corner office. Inside, Karen Driver hunched over her computer, her back to the door. Wahad crouched, sitting back on shoe heels, took out the .38 hand gun and tried the door.

Karen stopped typing at the creaking noise and Wahad ducked out of sight just before she swiveled around. She rose and went to the door, opened it and peered outside. “Anybody there?” she called tentatively into the dark hall, shrugged her shoulders and returned to the computer. Wahad moved back into position and decided to shoot through the window. Charging into the room would certainly make her spin around and probably force a chest shot, which was unacceptable. She had to die by a head shot, clean.

Suddenly the phone rang and Karen leaned far left to reach the receiver. The angle now made the head shot risky because the bullet, not hitting the window straight on, could ricochet off line. “Yes, Kenneth, I’m still working,” Wahad heard through the thin door. “Pretty soon. Another twenty minutes or so.” She paused, listening. I miss them too. Did they eat all their dinner? I’ll stop for Chinese on the way home. Hot and sour soup, pot stickers, and chicken chow mein, as usual? We’ll have a quiet dinner together once they’re asleep. Love you too. Bye.”

The conversation lingered in Wahad’s mind. A waiting family marginally undermined the moment’s anonymity, but Wahad easily fended off the sentiment, slipped a finger through the trigger guard, aimed and slowly squeezed, thinking of the trigger on Windex. A fraction of a second after the soft pop, Karen slumped forward. Wahad picked up the bullet casing, entered the unlocked office and began the surgical procedure. Number one was completed. Nine hundred ninety-nine to go.”

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