I brought a copy of “The Black Widows”, my first novel, since it takes place in Chappaqua, NY, Clinton’s home town. However, his Secret Service detail would not let me bring it in to give to Clinton, because of security issues. Nor would they take the copy to give to him directly. When I had my photo op with Bill, I told him about the book and he asked, “Where is it?” After I explained, he said, “Would you go get it? I would like to read it.” So, I left with a SS person, got the book, returned, and gave it to Bill. He graciously accepted it and promised to read it. I wonder what the chances are to get him to enter a 5-star review on Amazon?

Opening Plenary with President Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker, Attendees

“I am telling President Bill Clinton about my novel, The Black Widows.”